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Your own Home Cinema

By 28th November 2017No Comments

Epson announced early in September a new projector that can get you 1080p on your own home wall. In the age of 4k, this may seem pointless but it’s the price tag that makes it a viable option for the market. For example. Sony’s 4K projector retails at a hefty $25k where this comes in at a fraction of the cost for $3k.

The new Epson comes equipped with a trio of HDMI ports and is rated at 4,000 lumens with a reported contrast ratio of 2,500,000:1. That makes it bright enough to be used with the “lights on and the shades open,” according to Epson.

Why a projector when we can get beautiful and massive curved 4K TVs you may ask? Well, it appears these projectors are designed for those who want a giant display without glass and plastic edges getting in the way. And because it’s an ultra-short throw projector, it can be placed right next to the projection wall — not wired into the ceiling or placed on a coffee table. The light source of the Epson has an advantage because, unlike lamp-based projectors, it’s able to project better brightness and colour. Epson claims you can get 10 years worth of viewing, or 20 000 hours if you prefer to binge watch.

Pair your projector up with a CloudGate and you have the perfect home cinema or presentation display.

This article was based on the original from The Verge.

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