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Why you should be using Windows 10 Pro in your business

By 4th May 2018May 28th, 2018No Comments

Windows 10 Pro is the higher-end business version of Microsoft’s Operating System (OS).  It is more expensive but has a larger suite of tools which for some businesses might be a have-to-have, not a nice-to-have.

It will cost you R4 299 to purchase it directly from Microsoft or you could pay much less to get it with a CloudGate X or similar pre-loaded desktop or laptop.

The real difference between the two lies under the hood as your desktop experience should be relatively the same.

BitLocker is Microsoft’s encryption software and is built into Windows 10 Pro.  Security is of the utmost importance in every business today and this functionality adds an additional layer of protection.  Bitlockers job is to protect your data in the event that your machine is physically stolen.  Once installed it is totally invisible until someone, without permission, tries to copy data from your hard drive.  Additionally, Windows 10 Pro is continuously fixing security holes and patches, so businesses no longer need to wait for ‘Patch Tuesday’.

Windows 10 Home also pushes updates to your PC, and allows you to install them later, but they can’t be avoided. For some, it can halt productivity and is not always ideal. Windows 10 Pro offers an option or can be governed by your IT team. You are able to pause or delay updates and install them at a time that works for you and your business.

Upgrading to Windows 10 requires you to have some sort of account with Microsoft. This means that the operating system will automatically sync all your data and settings to Microsoft’s servers. This includes application and mobile data. However, Microsoft has high-end security features which will (hopefully) keep your data secure.

Several features of the Pro version are aimed specifically at the business market and are built to help you be more productive. One of these features is the ability to join a local domain for centralised user and computer management. If your business network is governed by a domain then you don’t actually have a choice in using Pro.

Bear in mind that any version of Windows 10 may not be compatible with some legacy software and equipment. It is integral that you verify compatibility before upgrading and installing Windows 10 Pro. Businesses should first check that their essential productivity apps are compatible. The last thing you want is to upgrade and then realise that your accounting software cannot print.

You can check out the detailed differences between Home and Pro here.

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