Using your Home PC to WFH? You could be putting your company at risk

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Most of the world has been working from home since the outbreak of COVID-19. If you are using your home PC to work from home, you could be putting the company you work for at risk. Hackers can access your computer before you connect to your company’s system.

Not only will hackers know what you are doing, but they can also access company files and lock down the system. Once they have succeeded, they will demand a ransom (it’s never small) from the business to give the data back.

You might be wondering how they may get onto your home PC? It can start with a simple email, to your work or personal account. In the email, the hackers pretend to be someone important, like your bank or someone you know, prompting you to click on malicious links. Once you’ve clicked the link, the hackers are in.

Hackers hunt for computers with security vulnerabilities. Examples of these vulnerabilities include having free anti-virus and not updating your PC.

Here are some ways you can keep your home PC and your company safe:

  1. Get your company to consider purchasing a Mini PC for you to work on at home. They are cost-effective and powerful. Your IT department can set it up quickly and install all the necessary security software on it.
  2. The CloudGate Mini PC comes with the latest Windows 10 so you will have the most up to date software. It’s also easy on the power grid, helping save you money.
  3. Update all software
  4. Install internet security (it’s best to pay for this)
  5. Connect through a VPN (a virtual private network)
  6. Password protect your WiFi and don’t make it an easy password

If you are concerned about your PC, contact your IT department immediately.

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