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Update your Windows PC now, or risk WannaCry 2.0.

By 5th August 2019No Comments

Almost one million Windows users could be at risk to a ransomware attack just as scary as WannaCry due to out-of-date Windows Operating Systems.

The ransomware that may spread havoc just like 2017’s WannaCry, is called BlueKeep. It has prompted Australia’s Cyber Security Centre and Microsoft to issue urgent warnings for users to update their operating systems.

Microsoft says any device running an operating system earlier than Window 8 is at risk. The Internet security company, AVG, also warned users to check if their operating system is “dangerously out of date”.

Microsoft did alert users earlier this year about BlueKeep but still, warn users that more than a million devices are vulnerable. The vulnerability allows hackers to remotely take over a computer without any action from the machine’s owner. The simplicity of this means that it can potentially hit thousands of PCs.

Microsoft rates BlueKeep as 9.8 out of 10 in terms of severity, prompting them to compare it to the severity of WannaCry. In 2017, WannaCry hit Windows globally resulting in more than 300 000 computers being infected. The cyber-virus spread so rapidly that even the National Health Service was hit. Australia’s Cyber Security Centre estimates that the virus cost the global economy billions and even a year afterward still impacted businesses in repair costs.

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