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The pinnacle of High-Resolution Pictures has been created

By 5th July 2019No Comments

A Chinese company has apparently created a picture with such a high resolution that you can zoom in to see people’s facial expressions from thousands of meters away.

The picture looks almost unreal with a resolution of 195 gigapixels. It was taken by a corporation called Bigpixel Technology Corporation from atop the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai. To put it into perspective – the average smartphone can take a photo with 12 million pixels, whereas this image has 195 billion pixels.

The company thinks that it is more than 2000 times precise than a photo produced by a consumer camera which makes this photo the third biggest photo in the world. The picture is a collection of images that use image stitching technology.

It is the first panorama type picture to have hundreds of billions of pixels and the result is fascinating, allowing you to zoom so close you are able to see the smallest of detail.

You can view the image here.

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