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How to find the older version of your favourite desktop apps

By 5th April 2018No Comments

Has a recent update to one of your favourite apps changed the experience you were used and actually really liked? Sometimes app updates can also completely mess up your desktop setup and a previous version works better until the problem is resolved.

You obviously don’t want to do this with your anti-virus software but for more basic apps, older versions should be fine (unless the recent update included security updates). This blog will look at how to find previous versions, install them and keep them in case you need them in the future.

Find older versions

Google is your best bet to find an older version of an app. However, downloading from dodgy websites is not advisable. Try these resources first, and if you can’t find them contact your local IT provider (Dial a Nerd is great for this):

  • The official download page of the app often has previous versions that you can download.
  • Download repositories such as, Softpedia and MajorGeeks will have older versions of most desktop apps. Just be aware of what you are downloading – these sites are generally ok but no-one is perfect.
  • Open Source sites often have a lot of freeware and previous versions of different open source apps. Exercise caution though – open source apps have a reputation of getting attacked.
  • Driver sites such as NVIDIA and AMD will have previous versions if your graphics card update has broken your display.

If you find the version you want, the installer should work.

Copy it

Once you’ve found the version of the app you like, keep the installer file. You never know if the site you got it from will go down or remove the particular version you like. Keep your installer files in a separate folder and upload it to the cloud. That way when you get a new PC you can always access them.

Disable your updates (temporarily)

Once you have the older version of the app it is going to keep asking you to update it. Most programs allow you to disable this feature (normally in the settings or preferences menu). Keep in mind that skipping updates also means skipping important security updates so switch it back on every now and then to check if a version you can work with is released.

Disclaimer: we don’t recommend you use any older versions of apps as it really poses a massive security risk. You should not run an older version of any app for longer than you need to. If new updates to any apps that you use are not giving you what you want, rather look for an alternative.

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