Frequently Asked Questions

How does the CloudGate do updates?

CloudGate has updates running automatically in the background. You can also go to “settings”, “about device”, click on the “system updates” and CloudGate system updates. Click on the “check now” tab, to let your CloudGate check for the most recent firmware versions.

How do I print with my CloudGate Desktop?

Please see document called “Connect your classic printer using Google Cloud Print”

How do I run Microsoft Office on my CloudGate Desktop?

Microsoft Office 365 is now available for Android 4.4!! Just look for Word for Tablet, Excel for Tablet and Powerpoint for Tablet in the Google Play Store. An Office 365 subscription is required.

Otherwise there are many apps available in the Google Play Store that are compatible with Microsoft Office. We recommend using one of the following: WPS Office (Kingsoft Office), Docs To Go, AndrOpen Office, Google Docs.

Will it run my POS (Point of Sale) system?

If you POS system has an Android App available in the PlayStore, you certainly will be able to use this on a CloudGate.

Can I plug it into my TV, to create a Smart TV environment?

Yes you can, simply plug in a keyboard and mouse and you’re up and running.

Does the CloudGate Desktop have a headphone and microphone jack?

The CloudGate outputs sound through HDMI, which allows users to plug in their headphone or speakers into your screen’s headphone socket. You can also use the digital SPDIF jack on the CloudGate to connect your 5.1 / 7.1 surround sound to the device.

My device is not picking up my USB

You cannot put USB 3.0 into the device. Check the USB port is not loose and also check if the USB works on other devices, the USB might be corrupt. Also try all ports on your device. If it is not the USB, please send the device back to us.

Please note, if you open the device up, you warranty falls away.

Oops! I think I corrupted my device.

Unfortunately we can’t do anything unless we created a bootable disc for you. If you require one when ordering, please let us know.

If there is no bootable disc, you will have to bring it back. Your device is now unfortunately dead and out of warranty.

The internet is slow on my device.

Contact your service provider. Internet connectivity should not be a device issue. Try connecting to another network to double check.

I am having a Display Issue.

If your issue is on the CloudGate Circle, follow these instructions:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Display
  • Go to HDMI
  • Select mod: 1920 x 1080p – 60

If your issue is with the Square, you need to be technical and note that your warranty will be out unless you were instructed to do so by our support team.

You can follow instructions here: UpgradingCloudGatefromversion4

Can I install drivers on my CloudGate?

Please do not install any drivers onto you device unless recommended by us.

What versions of Office work on the CloudGate Square?

You can run Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 365 on the CloudGate Square.

What Hard-drives can I connect to my CloudGate?

The Square and the Circle both have USB 2.0. They can read up to 3 TB.

Regarding which brands work with with the devices, we cannot test every single one. However, majority of Hard-Drives work with the devices.

How do I restart the CloudGate?

Due to the hardware of the devices you cannot “reboot” the device. The best thing to do is try switching it off and on again.

The sound is not playing through my CloudGate Circle

If the sound is not playing on your videos or songs do the following:

  • Go to Sound Settings
  • Go to Output
  • Check if the sound is set to HDMI if that’s what you are playing through or the other one if you are playing through the SPDIF port.

If the above does not work, contact

When is the new Android version coming out?

Our CloudGate circle updates are not on par with Androids Updates. Please do not update your Android device unless instructed so by us. For Applications to work smoothly, do not allow updates unless the entire app is useless without them.

The circle does not accept .exe files. Please only download files with .apk extension onto your Cirlce.

My device keeps rebooting.

Disclaimer: You will need Technical Knowledge for this.

If your device keeps rebooting, you might need to re-rom the device, which will clear all storage. Make sure you back up your device before doing this.

You can access the instructions here: UpgradingCloudGatefromversion4

If you are not comfortable doing this by yourself, you can drop off or send the device to our offices:


First Floor, 260 Surrey Ave





You will have to send to us at your own expense, however we will cover the cost to send it back.

Can I play x265 videos on the Circle?

If you really want to, we suggest you try VLC. However the Hardware on the Circle is not compatible with this format of play back. We suggest you try another format of the video.

How do I connect sound to my CloudGate?

With the Circle,you can play sound through your device via the HDMI or the SPDIF port. You will need to purchase any cables if you choose to play via the SPDIF port. The CloudGate Circle comes with an HDMI cable.

With the Square, the device has a Aux Port and HDMI. You will need to purchase an Aux cable, the device comes with an HDMI cable.

Do you support Applications downloaded from the Playstore?

You may install any apps you want from the Playstore onto your device. However we cannot assist with 3rd party applications. If support regarding the actual application is needed, it is best to contact the applications support.

Do your devices come with a HDMI to VGA converter?

Our Windows device comes with a HDMI to VGA converter. Our Android device does not. However, if you would like one, please request so when you order.

Can I install Linux on your devices?

You can install Linux on the Windows version, but not on the Android version.

You do need the technical skills to be able to do this. We do not sell Linux versions…yet ?

Can I install Windows on the Android Unit?

Unfortunately, you cannot install Windows on the Android Unit. Nor can you install Android on the Windows Unit.

If you would like to use the Android device for documents, we recommend installing Office Apps and Google Doc on the device.

Can I downgrade to Windows 7/8?

Unfortunately the Windows device comes with Windows 10 and you cannot downgrade.

Showmax and DSTv Now are not working?

We currently have a temporary fix for Showmax which you can access here: CloudGate

It is always good to try downgrade your actual app and see if that works. We are working with both apps to find a solution that gets them to work with no hassles.

Try avoid updating the apps. As the CloudGate Circle is running Android 4.4, sometimes updated apps do not work on the device. You will still be able to access content and use the app if you do not update it.

We will always advise you on when you should update the device.

Please note we can not take responsibility for 3rd part applications on the device.

When are we moving to the latest Android Update?

We are constantly in development to upgrade the devices. We will let you know when there is a new Update.

Can I connect my external hard drive or flash drive to the CloudGate Square?

Yes, even USB powered hard drives will work when connected to the CloudGate Square.

The storage on the device seems low (32Gb), how do I get more storage on the device?

The CloudGate Square has a Micro SD Card Slot and take a card up to 64Gb to increase internal storage.

Can I connect a USB Printer to the CloudGate Square?

Yes, the CloudGate Square has all the regular Window’s drivers available so USB printers work as before.

The storage on the device seems low, how do I get more storage on the device?

The CloudGate has an SD Card slot to add an additional 32Gb of storage and is also capable of using a USB external hard drive (Formatted FAT32) for almost unlimited storage of movies, music, pictures etc.

Regarding the circle, you cannot save apps onto an SD card.

Can I connect it to my Wireless Network?

Yes, the CloudGate is capable of connecting through Wifi, as well as Bluetooth and Ethernet.