Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect my speakers or headphones to my CloudGate?

The CloudGate outputs sound through a 3.5mm audio port as well as through HDMI. Users can thus either plug in their headphones or speakers directly into the CloudGate or into the screen’s headphone socket (if it has one).

Does CloudGate support Full HD?

Yes. CloudGates support SD, HD ready and Full HD resolutions.

Can I connect multiple screens to a CloudGate?

Yes. CloudGates have both a VGA and HDMI video output and can support up to 2 simultaneous screens.

The internet is slow on my CloudGate, what do I do?

The wireless and LAN throughput on a CloudGate is much faster than the typical internet connection so this is more than likely a problem on the service providers side. Please contact them directly for assistance.

Can I install different drivers on my CloudGate?

Please do not install any foreign drivers on your device unless recommended by us.

What versions of MS Office will work on a CloudGate?

On a CoudGate that runs Windows, you can install any compatible version of MS Office e.g. Office 2010, Office 2013 and Office 2016.

Can I install Linux on a CloudGate?

Yes, CloudGate supports linux.

Can I install Chromium OS on a CloudGate?

Yes, CloudGate supports Chromium OS.

Can I install Android on a CloudGate?

No. The new models of CloudGate are designed to run on either Windows, Linux or Chromium OS only.

Can I connect a USB Printer to a CloudGate?

Yes, CloudGates supports USB printers.

Can I connect a CloudGate to my Wireless Network?

Yes, a CloudGate is capable of connecting to a network through Wifi, as well as wired Ethernet.

How do I check the current warranty status of my CloudGate?

Please contact the authorised reseller / distributor you purchased your device from and provide them with your devices serial number or invoice number.