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CloudGate Xs Uplifting Declining Market with Powerful, Energy-Savvy Computing

By 3rd April 2019No Comments

This cost effective Micro-PC is ideal for business or education use with enhanced energy efficiency
With the ever present threat of power outages coupled with skyrocketing electrictiy bills, organisations across sectors are looking for energy efficient and power saving computing solutions. The palm-sized CloudGate Xs offers such a solution, weighing just 300g and drawing less than 24W of power. As with its sister device, CloudGate X, the CloudGate Xs is capable of running the Linux, Windows 10 and Chrome operating systems. Additionally, however, the CloudGate Xs sports the newest generation Intel Gemini Lake CPU – and thereby offers a critical performance increase of 25% over the CloudGate X. With its new, sleek design, this powerful device also benefits from improved heat dissipation.
“The CloudGate Xs is an ideal replacement for most desktop computers, at a fraction of the cost,” explains Xavier Nel, Head of Product at CloudGate. “Simply plug in a screen, keyboard and mouse and you have a mini-PC for business or education use.”
Perhaps most importantly, this is an eco-friendly solution. By using less than 10 percent of the electricity a typical desktop requires, this user-friendly device lessens the energy footprint of an organisation considerably. With the spectre of a fragile Eskom always nearby, embracing power-savvy technology – which translates into low running costs – has become paramount.
From a connectivity perspective, the CloudGate Xs has 802.11b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 and 1Gig Ethernet. Despite its sleek form, the device boasts three USB 3.0 ports and several others that include VGA, HDMI, RJ45, one DC 12V 2A power input and one 3.5mm audio port. Users will benefit from 4GB DDR4 High-Speed RAM, 64 GB EMMC Solid-State Storage, and an SD card reader. Moreover, storage capacity can be upgraded with an extra 128GB or 256GB m.2 SSD.

“This is an extremely powerful and adaptable computing solution, with UHD and 4K screen support, running all Microsoft software with access to Internet, email and social media,” adds Nel. “Organisations can harness business-critical apps like Pastel, SalesForce and Dynamics CRM, and it is wall and screen mountable – making it ideal for business and educational use.”
The CloudGate Xs ships with a power adapter, VESA Screen Mount, HDMI cable and instruction booklet. Ranging in cost from between R3,499.00 and R5,199.00 (depending on the chosen configuration), the CloudGate Xs delivers on several use cases across industry sectors.
“From call centres to businesses, school computer laboratories to universities, the CloudGate Xs is a highly flexible and efficient computing solution. Indeed, by supporting various operating systems, we are giving customers the freedom to choose the platforms they are most comfortable with. As it is a proudly South African innovation, we provide extensive local support and can easily customise the device to user requirements.”

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