A guide on auto-deleting Google History

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Search engine Google has rolled out a feature that allows you to auto-delete your data. This includes data from all Google services such as maps, search and pretty much everything you do online. Google keeps a log of everything you do on the internet in order to help give you the most relevant search results and adverts. This log is known as Google History.

Previously, you had to manually delete this data. Google has made it easier for us, allowing us to choose how long Google can keep our data. You can choose among options from 3 months to 18 months. Any data older than 18 months will automatically be deleted in any case, without you having to set an automatic delete period.

How to set up auto-deleting on your Google Account:

  1. Visit and login if you haven’t already
  2. Select “Data and Personalisation”
  3. Select “Web and App Activity” and choose “Manage Activity
  4. Select “Choose to delete automatically”
  5. Select a time frame that works for you
  6. As an online user concerned about privacy, 3 months is your best option.

Google also has announced that it plans to make history controls easier to find within apps. These controls will manage data collected from your web browsing, smartphone and location history.

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