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The 325-square foot smart home

By 9th November 2017No Comments

Smaller living spaces have become increasingly popular due to the growth of the population and the ongoing affordable housing crisis. These mini homes are taking smart living quite literally as seen in the above video.

Kasita, an Austin-based start up, is hoping to fit all the latest tech into just 352 square feet of living space. In fact, the company calls its micro-homes the “iPhone for housing.”

This micro home has the latest voice activated tech so you can program your home to recognize your mood. Tell Kasita to prepare for theatre mode and it’ll know to dim the lights, raise the flat screen TV out from a hidden wall, and open your favourite streaming app. It has over 60 smart home devices that speak to each other.

The home isn’t just designed for people who want to be able to live somewhere remote and be able to pack up and go. It’s also designed to be stacked on top of other Kasitas to create apartment buildings.

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