Why you should be using Windows 10 Pro in your business

Windows 10 Pro is Microsoft’s higher-end version of its OS (operating software). The Pro version doesn’t take anything away from the home version, but rather adds on to it. It is more expensive than the home version but the benefits for business are worth it.

It will cost you R4 299 to purchase it directly from Microsoft or pay a little less to get it with a CloudGate X.

The difference between the 2 lies under the hood. Your desktop experience should be relatively the same.

BitLocker is Microsoft’s encryption software and is built into Windows 10. Cybersecurity is of the utmost importance in every business of today and this functionality adds an additional layer of protection. It’s not 100 percent foolproof, but it helps.

Windows 10 Home machines and Windows 10 Professional machines can initiate Remote Desktop Connections, such that the “master” machine controls the slave machine and all of its resources. (Doing so blanks the display on the “slave” device.) Only Windows 10 Professional machines can be remotely controlled, however—not Windows 10 Home machines.

Windows 10 Home machines can be remotely assisted, which means that the Windows 10  “master” machine controls the “slave” machine, and the “slave” display mirrors the master display. Remote Assistance is designed as an educational tool, so that a remote technician can show you how to adjust your graphics settings, for example, by moving your mouse.

Windows 10 Home pushes updates to your PC, allowing you to stall them to later, but they can’t be avoided. For some, it can halt productivity and is not always ideal. Windows 10 Pro offers an option. You are able to pause updates and install them at a time that works for you and your business.

Several features of the Pro version are aimed primarily at the business market and are built to help you be more productive. It really is the smart solution for small businesses.

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