Proudly South African Micro PC, CloudGate Packs a Mighty Punch

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The CloudGate X is a proudly South African micro PC. Designed for business and call centre use, these palm-sized mini-PCs enable sophisticated computing – at a fraction of the cost, and using less power than an energy-saving light bulb. The Micro-PC offers a powerful replacement solution for most tower computers, with extensive local support.

The CloudGate X comes with a host of benefits. The device uses an average of 15W of power (about the same as that of an energy-saving light bulb). It ticks all boxes when it comes to maintenance – easy to install, move and replace due to its size. No moving parts mean that the device is less prone to overheating and hardware failures.

The CloudGate X is quite advanced for its 12 x 12 cm size, and with built-in high-speed wireless and Bluetooth, there is no real need to rely on a LAN cable to get on the network, although it has a port for that!

It may be limited for graphic-intensive applications but as a cloud-ready standalone PC, staff can run their business-critical applications on the CloudGate X. Cloud Applications such as Microsoft’s Office 365, Salesforce and Pastel run seamlessly, while locally stored applications run just as seamlessly due to the devices standard 64GB storage with the option of upgrading by 256 GB with SSD storage.

Head of Product: CloudGate, Xavier Nel states “Not only is the small form-factor energy efficient, but it also provides a secure alternative to traditional methods of keeping computers safe. IT staff can easily lock up multiple devices in a safe the size of a shoebox if required or secure them to various surfaces using our custom build security cages. We envisage the CloudGate X to fundamentally shift perceptions around micro-computing and replace desktops in a number of industry sectors,”

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