Microsoft 365 suite gets new IT management features

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Microsoft announced that it’s Microsoft 365 suite will be getting improvements to enable simplified IT Management. The Microsoft 365 suite was launched in July last year and it brings together the productivity tools of Office 365 and Windows 10, device management and security into one offering for business.

Some of the updates came with the big update in April this year. Among the updates are improvements to delivery optimization. What this means is that a single device can download the update and then deliver the update to other devices on the network. This could reduce bandwidth by as much as 90% which will result in a better experience for people on the network.

Other updates include monitoring capabilities and easier device management. Using Windows Analytics, the two data points that can be monitored are the number of devices enabled and bandwidth usage.

The Windows AutoPilot is what Windows uses for device management. The update includes an enrolment status page which will allow your IT department to  “to ensure policies, settings and apps can be provisioned on the device during that out-of-box experience before the user gets to the desktop and begins interacting with the device,” according to Brad Anderson, vice president of enterprise mobility and security at Microsoft. This means that IT can ensure that every device is secure and compliant with internal policies before it’s used.

Lenovo and Dell are currently the only OEMs to support AutoPilot with other brands such as HP and Toshiba planning to support it in September. With AutoPilot you will be able to plug a new device into the network and automatically have it self-configure. Once done and on login, any applications and settings that are specific to the end-user will apply to the device.

With regards to Office 365, the Microsoft 365 admin center will be extended to users of Office 365. Both users will have access to the same admin center and the same capabilities. This will put an end to using multiple consoles to monitor your network.

In addition, compliance will be more manageable with regards to data archiving, retention, disposition, classification and discovery.

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